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The Life and Times of Moishe Litvak

Three manuscripts in varying stages of completion are placed in the Wycliffe College archives. Although Dr. Jocz was determined to have the work published, he was unsuccessful, probably due to the lack of polish in the manuscripts. They were in severe need of editing. 

In this narrative, the hero of the story, Moishe Litvak, undergoes the difficulties experienced by anyone following the “way of the Master” who does not conform to the expectations of society. The choice of names is significant; Moishe (Moses) seeks a way to the promised land in a time of great upheaval. Litvak describes one who is a Lithuanian Jew.

This story provides a context for understanding how Dr. Jocz viewed the world. In it he develops some of his favourite themes in a way that was unavailable to him in theological discourse: how religion is so often at odds with faith; the difficulties faced by Jews who acknowledge Jesus as Messiah; the loneliness of the individual who does not fit in. Some portions of the story are particularly revealing. For instance, the description of Pastor Biebermann’s attempts to obtain a church placement in post-WW2 England is surely based on the author’s own experience.

Published for the first time in digital format, this edition was edited by family members.