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The Jocz family 1935

Clockwise from left: Bazyli, Paul, John, Jakob, Anna

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Joan & Jakób in Warsaw 1938

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Audio recording

This lecture was recorded at Timonium Presbyterian Church, Maryland in 1979. Dr. Jocz speaks about the problem of evil and asserts that Jesus dwells with his people in the  midst of their suffering.

Dr. Jocz looks back

Dr. Jocz penned this amusing article for Cap and Gown (student yearbook) on the occasion of his retirement from Wycliffe College. 

A very public spat

In 1960 Dr. Jocz ran afoul of noted Canadian author, Hugh Garner, who called him “a Jewish apostate” in an article in Liberty Magazine.  Dr. Jocz took exception and his letter in response generated an apology from the editor.

Excerpted from Liberty Magazine, June 1960, “Why I am a religious sceptic” by Hugh Garner

The Response

The Apology