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Jakob Jocz

Jakób Jocz, Ph.D., D. Litt.

October 14, 1906 - August 15, 1983

Jakób Jocz spent his life trying to bridge the gap between Christians and Jews. He believed that only a return to the Prophetic tradition through a relationship with Yeshua could satisfy Jewish spiritual hunger. With a foot in both camps, his works address both parties unequivocally.


Slavic names are not readily converted to English. Jakób’s name is pronounced Ya-cobe Yotch.

The selected works listed below have been digitized and may be viewed on the Books and Articles page.

  • Is It Nothing To You?  1940, 1941     
  • The Jewish People and Jesus Christ  1949, 1954, 1974 
  • Judaism and the State of Israel  1950   
  • Religion and the Gospel   1952
  • A Theology of Election  1958 
  • The Connection Between the Old and the New Testament   1961
  • The Spiritual history of Israel  1961
  • Religion Without God   1964
  • Christians and Jews: Encounter and Mission  1966    
  • The Jewish Christian Dialogue  1967
  • Syncretism or Faith   1967
  • The Covenant  1968, 1999
  • The Jewish People and Jesus Christ After Auschwitz   1981